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We sell medical grade surgical steel and titanium. Keeping the same supplier for over twenty years, helps us maintain our quality.

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We have massive range of sterling silver, fashion and body jewellery

Sterling Silver Sleeper Earring

  • Sterling silver sleeper earrings are 92.5 international standard silver.
  • 1.2 mm thickness
  • Highly polished international standard silver 92.5
  • Hinged and opened part inserts into tube

Butterfly backs for earrings

  • Price for  pair
  • Butterfly backs for earrings that push onto the post of a stud or earring
  • Sterling silver 92.5 or surgical steel
  • Standard butterfly size

Small Silver Sleeper Earring

  • International standard Sterling silver 92.5
  • Comes apart on one side by the bar
  • So easy to pop in
  • Thickness of bar 1.5mm
  • Just choose your size of ring 8mm-14mm
Price as a pair

Ball Sleeper Earring

  • Ball sleeper earring opens and closes at the ball
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Sleeper earring or nose ring
  • Size ranges from 8 mm - 14 mm
  • Ball is  3 mm
  • Please note the 6 mm  size is quite small-some use it for a fingernail jewellery
  • most popular size is 8,10 and 12 mm
  • Price per pair

Hinged Silver Sleeper Earrings

  • Hinged Silver Sleeper Earrings are the traditional style that clip together
  • 92.5 international standard silver.
  • 10mm, 12mm or 14mm diameter x 1 mm rounded thickness
  • Highly polished plain silver
  • Hinged and clips into itself with an almost seamless join
  • This style is more expensive to manufacture
  • Not as cheap as our sleepers that also have a hinge but do up into the tube section
  • we now also have 24 carat gold plated hinged sleepers-if sanded down there is sterling silver in underneath

Cable Wool Headband Hand knitted

  • Plain Cable pattern wool  headband  is hand knitted with New Zealand wool.
  • Fleece lined and  adjustable with two buttons at the back.
  • Great for skiing! Great for keeping your ears warm.
  • Great for looking fabulous!
  • back order due in April

Basic Labret Lip Bar

  • Basic labret lip bar is for lip piercings.
  • Lip piercing jewellery that is plain and cheap
  • Flat when inside the mouth, so it won't rub on the gum
  • 16 or 14 Gauge {Bigger hole}
  • Bar and stem in surgical steel SS 316L, which is the most used material for body jewellery
  • Not many 14 gauge left sorry but lips are generally pierced with the thinner 16 guage

Basic Nipple Bar-Tongue Barbell

  • Basic nipple bar or tongue barbell
  • 14 gauge bar or 1.6mm gauge
  • Standard use for tongue and nipple.
  • Just choose your size.
  • Bar and balls SS 316L.
  • Balls on both ends unscrew
  • Longer bars have 5mm balls and shorter bars have 4mm balls {6,8,10, 12mm}

Flat Jewelled Nose Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Jewel is 1.5 mm in Diameter
  • Jewel is glued in and sits very flat-our flatest
  • This stud is very popular as a nose stud and can be used in ears as well

Silver Ball Nose Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • If preferred, just bend it in half with your fingers
  • The 1mm size is great for school or work if you want your piercing to be discreet

Women's Clothing

Action Back Summer Dress

  • Action Back Summer Dress ties and wraps around body
  • Can be worn loose with sides made into pockets
  • One size fits most 8-14
  • Easy summer wear
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • 100% rayon
  • Hips must be less than 154 cm {60 inches}
  • Length shoulder to hemline 126 cm
  • Bust must be less than 121cm (48"}

Aqua Tassel Bohemian Top NZ

  • Aqua Tassel Bohemian Top NZ is loose and cool
  • Mint coloured tassels and contrast embroidery
  • One Size fits most
  • Quality Rayon Fabric
  • Two colours to choose from-also in a beige
  • Bust /waist/ hips all 114 cm { 45 inch }
  • Length from shoulder to hemline  85 cm
  • Sleeve hole 50 cm
  • Can be tied to make it more fitting

Aztec Bat Wing Dress

  • Aztec Bat Wing Dress with a front tie
  • One Size fits most
  • Stretch Poly-Blend fabric - wrinkle resistant!
  • 2 Colours
  • Maximum waist size 106 cm, maximum hip 108 cm {42inch}
  • Shoulder to under breast 35cm -please check if larger breasted
  • Length shoulder to knee 97 cm

Baby Doll Boho Top

  •  Baby doll Boho top is loose and cool
  • Four white tassels at the front neckline
  • One Size fits most 8-12
  • Quality Rayon Fabric
  • Bust 102 cm { 40 inch }
  • Length from shoulder to hemline  75 cm
  • Sleeve hole 42 cm
  • 3/4 38 cm sleeve length with elastic at sleeve hem
  • Loose  fitting

Batwing Tunic Top

  • Batwing Tunic Top is loose and easy wear
  • One Size fits most-Plus size 14-20
  • Rayon Fabric
  • Multiple Patterns

Beach Boho Dress Slip NZ

  • Boho Beach Dress Top is loose and cool
  • One Size fits most
  • Rayon Fabric
  • Three summer colours to choose from
  • Bust 102 cm { 40 inch }
  • Length from shoulder  86 cm

Beige Tassel Bohemian Top NZ

  • Beige  Tassel Bohemian Top NZ is loose and cool
  • Olive coloured tassels and contrast embroidery
  • One Size fits most
  • Quality Rayon Fabric
  • Two colours to choose from-also in  aqua
  • Bust 114 cm { 45 inch }
  • Length from shoulder to hemline  85 cm
  • Sleeve hole 50 cm
  • Can be tied to make it more fitting

Black Embroidered Long Sleeve Top

  • Black Embroidered Long Sleeve Top is a bohemian style
  • Chinese collar neckline
  • Lightweight Slightly Sheer Material
  • Adjustable waistline ties
  • One Size 8-14
  • Bust 118 cm {46 inch}
  • waist 124 cm {49 inch}
  • hip 124 cm {49 inch}
  • Arm  length 48 cm
  • Sleeve width 36 cm {14 inch}
  • Length shoulder to bottom 69 cm

Bohemian Crinkle Long Skirt NZ

  • Bohemian Crinkle Long Skirt NZ is made of crinkle fabric
  • 100% rayon
  • One size fits most 8-14
  • Can be worn as a skirt or dress
  • Waistband at its most stretched 106 cm {42 inches}
  • Length 95 cm sides and 98 cm center-hemline is slightly longer in front
  • Model is 163 cm and size 10-12

Bohemian Crochet Lace Jacket Cardigan

  • Bohemian Crochet Lace Jacket Cardigan
  • Only a couple of black left-be quick
  • Lightweight Textured Material with looseness in front
  • Flattering crochet hem and edges
  • One Size 8-12
  • Looks best if bust is less than 106 cm {42 inch}
  • Sleeve diameter 50 cm {20 inch}
  • Length shoulder to bottom 70 cm

Bohemian Crochet Top Long Sleeve

  • Bohemian Crochet Top Long Sleeve is a bohemian, vintage style
  • Lightweight Material
  • Breathable
  • One Size 8-14
  • Bust 114 cm {45 inch}
  • waist 122 cm {48 inch}
  • hip 130 cm {51 inch} top slightly flares out
  • Arm 3/4 length 37 cm
  • Sleeve width 38 cm {15 inch}
  • Length shoulder to bottom 60 cm

Bohemian Lace Dress with Textured Fabric

  • Bohemian Lace Dress is a bohemian, vintage style
  • Lightweight Cotton Material
  • One Size 8-14
  • Bust 106 cm 42 inch
  • waist 106 cm 44 inch
  • Arm 3/4 length 40 cm -slight drop shoulder
  • Sleeve width 32 cm
  • Length shoulder to bottom 90 cm


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Sandra thankU big heaps 4 the rings. Ever so excited 2 receive them 2day. We look forward 2purchase other jewellery from U down the line. ThankU once again Jerry & Kisha
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Fast delivery. great service & communication, plus high quality products.
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I wanted to thank you for the incredibly speedy dispatch and delivery !! My boyfriends birthday is tomorrow and I was worried it wouldn’t come in time, but it arrived today. Amazing!
Great quality ring also, nice and heavy and shiny :)!

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