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Jewelled Navel Bar

Body Jewellery

We guarantee the quality of our body jewellery. We know that it is safe.We recommend that you always ask what grade metal your jewellery is made of.  It is very easy to get infections with cheaper metals in your body. We may not be the absolute cheapest but we know what material our jewellery is made from.. medical grade surgical steel and titanium or bioplast ..nothing but the best for you. We have kept the same supplier over twenty years and we can guarantee our product is not cheaply made with dangerous metals that you should not really be allowing in your body.

Our surgical steel jewellery is made of surgical steel 316L. This means they are implant-grade surgical stainless steel – it is probably the most common and most widely used metal for body piercings. Surgical Steels (316L) are used for bone fixation screws, body pins, bone plates, staples, amongst many other applications. We do not play or gamble with your health.If you’re wearing surgical steel SS316L   jewellery and are having problems with irritation or a new piercing that just won’t heal, it is possible that you have a intolerance of surgical steel and might want to try our titanium products. Please note that this is generally quite rare to be allergic to this metal

Our organic section of ear stretchers are made from buffalo horn or buffalo bone. Natural materials are not meant to be worn in unhealed tissue (initial piercings or new stretchers) we also have acrylic ear stretchers

Business Intregrity 

Our suppliers pay more than the average wage in their country and allow staff good working conditions and weekends off as well as holiday periods. There is no child labor and I trust my supplier completely. I would not feel good inside if I sold a product I could not trust. You need to also go with a company you can trust as you can put your health at risk using cheap body jewellery made of unknown metals.

Guaranteed standard

We can guarantee our surgical steel is a surgical implant grade 316L .  Surgical steel of this grade is easy to clean, is resistant to corrosion and it bonds nickel with an alloy so it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream in quantities capable of causing a reaction.

Our titanium  G23 is grage 6AL-4V-ELI and is compliant with the Nickel directive introduced in Eurpoe in 2001. It is bio compatible and has been used for medical implants since the 1950’s. Titanium is half the weight of steel and twice as strong. It can come in anodized colours or just  high polished.


Piercing is measured by gauge {thickness of the wire}  on most pieces of jewellery. Basically it’s the size of the hole people need to insert a piece of jewellery.


14 gauge {1.6mm} is the size for  tongue, navel {belly button} nipple piercings.

16 Gauge {1.2mm} is the size for eyebrow and labret {lip} piercings. Although some people do have a 14 gauge lip piercing but we find most customers choose a smaller hole for this these days.

Ball sizes  are a matter of personal taste but as a general rule 2.5-4mm balls are popular for the lip and eyebrow and 5-6mm balls are popular for the tongue and top of the navel bar.

Ear Stretching sizes

As there are so many variations in sizes we use the metric system. So the length of the diameter is the size of the jewellery