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Ear stretchers

Ear stretchers are the type of jewellery used to stretch the ear or to wear once the ear has been stretched. Ear stretching is so popular now and we have everything from starter stretchers to the full monty, never going small again, well stretched ear. This section is made from organic bone, horn or acrylics.


It is important to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water before you begin ear stretching. To ensure your ear stretcher is clean before you begin, soak the ear stretcher in studex or alcohol for 5 minutes before inserting. It can be helpful to soak the lobe in hot water prior to stretching to increase circulation and soften and relax the tissue.We recommend that you use a lubricate like a KY Jelly, Savlon or medical gel. It is important to take it slowly and do it yourself as someone else pushing the ear stretcher can not monitor your level of pain and may push too fast and hard and tear the ear.

Once you have reached the desired expansion size, the jewellery should be left for 6 weeks or until completely healed before attempting to further size up.This allows the new skin time to thicken and toughen up before continuing with the enlarging process again