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bent banana eyebrow bar

Eyebrow Jewellery

Eye brow jewellery is perfect for any eye brow piercing. Most eyebrow jewellery is in 16 gauge which is the standard thickness for an eye brow piercing. Some people like a bent banana bar and others prefer the look of a straight bar. Either types are suitable for your piercing and neither shapes makes a difference to the piercing.

We use medical grade surgical steels, titaniums and bio grade plastics so we know you will be safe. We also have varied lengths of bars depending on how deep or new your piercing is. All of our Body Jewellery items are made from surgical steel SS316L. This means they are implant-grade surgical stainless steel – it is probably the most common and most widely used metal for body piercings. Surgical Steels (316L) are used for bone fixation screws, body pins, bone plates, staples, amongst many other applications. We do not play or gamble with your health. If you’re wearing surgical steel SS316L   jewellery and are having problems with irritation or a new piercing that just won’t heal, it is possible that you have a intolerance of surgical steel and might want to try titanium. Please note that this is generally quite rare to be allergic to this metal.