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Wool Sheep hat

Winter woollens

Lots of winter woolens all hand knitted in Nepal with New Zealand wool.  New Zealand wool is sent to Nepal and bought back as a finished hand knitted product.

These New Zealand wool garments are such  wonderful products because they breathe and keep warm even when wet. Check this category of fleece lined jackets, jerseys, animal hats, hats with peaks, cheap hats and gloves.

We also love that these items support cottage industry in Nepal where people can earn a living by knitting  these products for you. And no, this is not slave labor .The Nepalese appreciate the income and would be even poorer without these earnings. I pay a good local price matching their local economy. It will be especially even more helpful this year because of the massive earthquake. Most of the knitters are ladies and they are able to do this in their own homes while still caring for children and elderly. Sometimes the elderly are knitting too!  I love this product because I can see that it helps and that makes me feel great about what we do!