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Woollen Jackets

Hand knitted Wool jackets by Nepalese people with New Zealand wool and an added bonus and extra warmth with them all being fleece lined. So warm for winter, the outdoors or cold nights. You won’t need to light a fire and you might just end up sitting there in your undies, you will be so toasty and warm!!

Wool is a wonderful product to wear as it breathes and stays warm even if it becomes damp. It is great for the outdoors.  Our woollen products are imported from Nepal and hand knitted by Nepalese woman. In buying this product you are supporting the Nepalese in this cottage industry and at this price you actually would be hard pushed to knit it for the same cost, in terms of wool expense and labour.  It is wonderful to think the wool has gone as a raw product to Nepal, been hand knitted by people way less fortunate than New Zealanders and sent back as a finished product. I feel good about this product and love that it helps those with less than us!!