Shorts-playsuits are perfect for the hot summer weather. Shorts-Playsuits, choose which you prefer from our range. We have sourced shorts that are a free size with elastic waist. They are not too skimpy in the leg length or width. So you do not have to be a super skinny model for our shorts-jumpsuits. We have based the sizing on a more generous  bottom and leg. It will not be too tight and this looseness makes them super comfortable for hot weather. Lots of air and breeze lol.

We have pom pom shorts and lace trim shorts in plain fabric or paisley prints. You just need to choose your favorite colour.

Check out our cute as play suits or some people call them jumpsuits! I usually think of a jump suit as having long pants. Anyway whatever you want to call them, you will be cute as a button wearing them. They are popular in the day and evening and even for night clubbing.

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Floral Pattern Play-Suit

Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $49.90.
  • Floral Pattern Play-Suit
  • Tie-up back
  • Lightweight Rayon
  • One-Size fits – elastic waist (S/M)
  • 3 colourways

Lace Trim Playsuit

Original price was: $95.00.Current price is: $69.90.
  • Lace Trim Playsuit has a tie at the back
  •  100% Rayon
  • One Size fits most - 8-14
  • 3 colours to choose from
  • Elastic waist fullest stretch 96 cm {38 inch }
  • Bust 96 cm {38 inch}
  • Length 80 cm

Lace Trim Shorts NZ

  • Lace Trim Shorts are perfect for summer
  • Lightweight  100% Rayon
  • One Size fits most with elastic waist.
  • Multiple Patterns-just pick your favourite
  • Waist at widest stretch 112 cm or 44 inch
  • if not pulled or stretched waist is 60 cm or 24 inch
  • Length of leg 35-38 cm
  • Leg diameter 68-72 cm [28.5 inches}

Paisley Pompom Shorts NZ

Original price was: $18.50.Current price is: $15.00.
  • Paisley Pompom Shorts NZ
  • Lightweight 100% Rayon
  • One-Size fits most with an elastic waist
  • Multiple Patterns
  • waist widest stretch 114 cm {45 inch}
  • Length leg 36 cm {including pompom}
  • Width leg 69 cm {27 inches}

Summer Jump Suit NZ with spaghetti straps

  • Summer Jump suit NZ is a free size 8-14
  • 100% rayon
  • Back and Waist is  elastic with most stretch 86 cm [34 inch}
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Length with tight strap 81 cm
  • Length at full extension 88 cm
  • Bust 102 cm {40 inch}