Costume jewellery is always cheaper than gold and sterling silver. We source our fashion jewellery from throughout Asia and nothing is from China. Our jewellery section is filled with less precious metals and that is why we have kept it separate. If it is in this section and it says antique silver this means it is not sterling silver and is of course a lot cheaper. That is the  wonderful thing about costume jewellery. It is cheaper! If the same item was in real gold or silver it would be too expensive. So it is great for a fashion look without the price tag. As fashions are always changing so quickly, these items make great gifts. Shopping for fashion jewellery online has never been easier.

We have sourced this fashion jewellery from Korea, Indonesia and Thailand and India. As we are not a big chain group our items may be more unique. We think it is better quality too, especially the items from Korea.

Today the demand for costume jewellery is even higher, as people seek less expensive and more striking pieces suitable for everyday wear. Be sure not to polish costume jewellery as it can damage the surface of the item. So you do not have to do anything! Silver Surfers costume jewellery is sourced in Korea, which in general is better quality than elsewhere. Sandra travels directly to Korea and hand picks each item. This enables her to bring home unique pieces that you won’t find everywhere else and gives a point of difference.

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Adjustable Star Pentacle Necklace

  • Adjustable star pentacle necklace has tassels as well
  • Star pendant 44 mm widest point
  • Adjustable chain 94 cm long or shorter

Angel Wing Necklace Antique Cherub

  • Angel wing necklace with sweet chubby cherub and hearts
  • Cupid necklace for lovers
  • Chain 85 cm Long
  • Wing pendant 5.7 cm long
  • 1.9 cm widest point

Antique Crosses Necklace

  • Antique crosses necklaces are in antique silver or antique gold
  • Black with silver cross or brown suede cord with gold crosses
  • Largest cross pendant 5.6cm long
  • 3.3cm widest point

Antique Cuckoo Clock Necklace

  • Antique cuckoo clock necklace is costume jewellery
  • Filigree circle surround 36 mm wide
  • Bead chain 80 cm long

Antique CZ Rose Pendant

  • Antique CZ Rose Pendant
  • Rose pendant 40mm wide x 41mm long
  • Rose layer can  split away from jewelled layer by moving it sideways
  • Chain length 76cm long

Antique Daisy Necklace

  • Antique Daisy Necklace
  • Daisy circle pendant 4.6cm diameter
  • Antique silver
  • CZ Jewels
  • Chain length 66 - 72 cm (adjustable)
  • Flower pendant 7.2cm long x 5.1cm widest point

Antique Filigree Heart Locket Necklace

  • Antique filigree heart locket necklace
  • Heart size - 33mm long x 25mm wide
  • Beaded chain 80cm long

Antique Flower Necklace

  • Antique flower necklace features an intricate round flower
  • Pendant 57 mm diameter
  • Chain length 70 cm-75 cm long

Antique Gold Rose Necklace

  • Antique Gold Rose Necklace
  • Antique Gold with CZ Gems
  • Chain length 78-85cm
  • Rose pendant 3.9cm diameter

Antique Half Ball Charm Necklace

  • Antique half ball charm necklace
  • Half ball 10.5 mm wide
  • All charms 79.5 mm total drop
  • Beaded chain is 80 cm long

Antique Jewelled Cross Necklace

  • Antique Jewelled Cross Necklace is stunning
  • Antique gold or silver
  • CZ Gems
  • Chain length 80 - 85 cm (adjustable)
  • Cross pendant 8.6 cm long x 5.9 cm widest point

Antique Owl Necklace

  • Antique owl necklace with leaf in antique silver
  • Chain 82 cm Long
  • Looks great over clothes
  • Pendant 4.9 cm long x 2.5 cm widest point

Antique Owl Necklace

  • Antique owl necklace is on a long chain
  • Owl 42 mm long x 26 mm widest point
  • Beaded chain 80 mm long
  • Chain can be shortened if desired

Antique Puffed Owl Necklace

  • Antique puffed owl necklace
  • Owl 55mm long x 25.5mm wide
  • Beaded chain 80mm long

Antique Silver Bow Necklace

  • Antique silver bow necklace
  • Hanging crystal beads and good luck clover locket
  • Bow pendant 56mm long( including top ring) x 39mm wide
  • Chain length 82cm long

Antique Three Circles Necklace

  • Antique  three circles necklace in Silver and Bronze
  • Small floating circle with star 16 mm in diameter
  • Adjustable chain length 79 cm long
  • Circles with dotted imprint 29 mm in diameter

Antique Wing Zipper Necklace

  • Antique Wing Zipper Necklace
  • Antique gold or silver
  • Chain 62cm Long
  • Wing pendant 4.5cm long x 1.3cm widest point
  • Zipper actually moves up and down

Aztec Beaded Tassel Necklace

  • Aztec Beaded Tassel Necklace is the perfect look evening or beach wear
  • Space overhead length 90 cm to beginning of pearl bead.
  • On a size ten to twelve, tassel goes to your belly button.
  • 56 cm drop from centre of neck to end of tassel.
  • One size fits most
  • Hand strung and hand beaded cylinder

Aztec Earrings with Flower Jewel

  • Aztec earrings with flower jewel
  • Total drop Hook 97.5mm
  • Circle with flower and jewel 17.5mm wide

Aztec Feather Necklace

  • Aztec Feather Necklace is such a Boho ethnic necklace
  • Cool surf necklace
  • Perfect as a a cute gift
  • Necklace 24 mm wide x 80 mm long
  • Chain length 86 cm long

Aztec Necklace Boho

  • Aztec necklace Boho
  • 80.5 mm total drop
  • 80 cm beaded chain length

Aztec Necklace with Dangling Beads

  • Aztec necklace with dangling beads
  • Pendant drop 66mm long
  • Beaded chain 80cm long

Aztec Necklace with Oval Stone

  • Aztec necklace with oval stone
  • 87.5 mm total drop
  • Flat chain 38 cm long
  • Flat chain extension 9 cm

Aztec Necklace with Teardrop

  • Aztec necklace with teardrop that is intricately beaded
  • Teardrop 57.5mm long x 42mm wide
  • Chain 88cm long

Aztec Resin Bead Necklace

  • Aztec Resin Bead Necklace
  • Resin Beads in irregular shapes
  • Beads are approx. 12-15mm wide each
  • Long Length 88cm
  • easy to pop over head