Cheap necklaces under $15 are a section of necklaces that retail for less than $15 retail or exactly $15. They all include the chain. So many styles of cheap necklaces all in costume silver. Many have CZ sparkling stones. It is quite a bling section. This is a cheaper option than sterling silver and necklaces and each necklace does include the chain. So many different styles with crosses and  hearts and sweet flowers. All under $15 or exactly $15. Here in New Zealand for speedy shipping.

Costume jewellery is decorative and is made from metal with a lesser value compared to sterling silver or gold. It is not a precious metal but gives the impression of being more expensive than it is. Today the demand for costume jewellery is even higher, as people seek less expensive and more striking pieces suitable for everyday wear. Be sure not to polish costume jewellery as it can damage the surface of the item. So you do not have to do anything! Silver Surfers costume jewellery is sourced in Korea, which in general is better quality than elsewhere. Sandra travels directly to Korea and hand picks each item. This enables her to bring home unique pieces that you won’t find everywhere else and gives a point of difference.

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Bling Cheap Girls Necklace

  • Individual chain lengths 40cm long
  • Butterfly 24mm wide x 18mm long
  • Solid heart with small diamante heart 20mm wide x 20mm long
  • Heart locket 20mm x 20mm long-sold out
  • Small book locket 10mm wide x 13mm long

Bling Cross Necklace

  • Bling Cross Necklace is costume silver
  • CZ Cubic Zirconia Stones
  • Pendant (including loop) - 15 mm Length x 9 mm Width x 3 mm Depth
  • inexpensive and perfect for a child too

Bow Heart Necklace

  • Heart Necklace with Bow is costume silver
  • Has CZ Cubic Zirconia gems
  • Length of pendant including mount (highest point) – 20 mm
  • Width of pendant (highest point) – 15 mm
  • Depth of pendant (highest point) – 4mm

Cheap Costume Silver Necklaces – Heart or Cross

  • Cheap Costume Silver Necklaces - Heart or Cross
  • Chain lengths 40 cm long
  • Big heart 14 mm wide x 13 mm long
  • Small heart 12 mm wide x 11 mm long
  • Cross 12mm wide x 17mm long -sold out
  • Costume Silver-not sterling silver

Cheap Flower Girls Necklace-costume silver

  • Cheap Flower Girls Necklace is costume silver
  • Features a dainty CZ  flower pendant
  • Perfect for a sweet young girl
  • Pendant drop including mount 16 mm
  • Flower 8 mm Diameter x 4 mm thickness
  • Chain length  40 cm x  1 mm balls

Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace

  • Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace is made of costume silver
  • Length of pendant including mount (highest point) – 20 mm
  • Width of pendant (highest point) – 13 mm
  • Depth of pendant (highest point) – 5mm

CZ Peace Necklace-costume silver

  • CZ Peace Necklace is costume silver
  • has Cubic Zirconia Stones
  • 13mm Diameter
  • 3mm Width
  • Approximately 20mm pendant drop from chain

Lucky Clover Necklace

  • Lucky Clover Necklace
  • CZ Cubic Zirconia gem
  • Costume Silver
  • Length of pendant including mount (highest point) – 28 mm
  • Width of pendant (highest point) – 20 mm
  • Depth of pendant (highest point) – 2mm

Silver CZ Necklace – Hearts or Clover

  • Picture left 1/Four leaf clover 10 mm wide x 10 mm long
  • Picture middle 2/ Diamante single heart 20 mm wide x 17 mm lon
  • Picture right 3/ Double heart with half diamantes 18 mm wide x 17 mm long
  • All Chains are  length 40cm long