A selection of chunky costume bracelets that are classy. Fashion chunky bracelets appear to be expensive, but are oh so cheap. Many have real stones and pearls.

Costume jewellery is decorative and is made from metal with a lesser value compared to sterling silver or gold. It is not a precious metal but gives the impression of being more expensive than it is. Today the demand for costume jewellery is even higher, as people seek less expensive and more striking pieces suitable for everyday wear. Be sure not to polish costume jewellery as it can damage the surface of the item. So you do not have to do anything! Silver Surfers costume jewellery is sourced in Korea, which in general is better quality than elsewhere. Sandra travels directly to Korea and hand picks each item. This enables her to bring home unique pieces that you won’t find everywhere else and gives a point of difference.

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Beaded Stone Bracelets with Dangling Fish

  • Beaded stone bracelet with dangling fish
  • real stones not plastic
  • Stretch bracelet
  •  Fish 21.5mm long

Coloured Bead Stretch Bracelet

  • Coloured Bead Stretch Bracelet
  • Costume silver charms and two toned beads
  • Stretchy elastic
  • 4 colours

Copper Hexagon Trio Bangles

  • Copper Hexagon Trio Bangles
  • Set of three bangles

Crystal Stone Bead Bracelet

  • Diamanté piece 18mm wide
  • Three rows of faceted beads.
  • Oblong bead is smooth and like tiger eye
  • On stretch elastic
  • one size fits most size 8-14

Elastic Silver bead bracelet

  • Elastic Silver bead bracelet is chunky and looks very expensive
  • Antique look square bracelet
  • Square beads  13 mm thick
  • Circle beads 15 mm thick

Faux Pearl stretch bracelet

  • Faux Pearl stretch bracelet is so classy
  • Pearls are 6 mm, Cubic zirconia are 7 mm
  • Double rows make the bracelet 16 mm wide
  • Small pearls bracelet is costume jewellery
  • Not stretched measures 18cm

Filigree Ball Bead Bracelets with Hearts

  • Bead bracelets with hearts is chunky and classy
  • Filigree ball 14 mm diameter
  • Heart 24 mm total drop
  • Stretchy bracelet 18 cm non stretched

Filigree Ball Beaded Silver Fern Bracelet

  • Filigree ball beaded silver fern bracelet
  •  Filigree ball 14.5mm diameter
  • Stretchy bracelet made with real stones
  • Silver Fern drop 30.5mm
  • Silver is costume silver

Fish Beaded Bracelets with Stones

  • Fish beaded bracelets with stones
  • Ball and heart 32.5mm total drop
  • Stretchy bracelet to fit all

Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet with Elephants

  • Real fresh water pearls with elephants
  • 4 costume silver elephant charms
  • Real semi precious stones and pearls
  • Bracelet is very stretchy

Jewelled Bracelet Gold

  • Gold jewelled bracelet on stretch elastic. One size fits all
  • Tear shapes 20 mm at widest point with 5 mm jewels
  • Oval shapes 20 mm at widest points with 6 mm jewels

Love Spiral Bead Bracelets

  • Love spiral bead bracelets made with real stone and crystal beads
  • Adjustable stretchy bracelet
  • Love pendant 15.5mm wide x 17.5mm total drop

Magnetic Bead Bracelet

  • Magnetic clasp beaded bracelet
  • Crystal sphere 12mm in diameter
  • Magnetic clasp which easily snaps into place
  • Just red colour left

Ornate Vintage Pearl Bracelet

  • Ornate Vintage Pearl Bracelet looks like silver
  • Has two real pearls and two pink faceted stones.
  • Looks expensive and would be if it was sterling silver
  • 20-22cm as you can choose either ring to attach the clasp
  • Ovals are 27mm wide. Thickest points with stones are 11-14mm
  • One off and unique piece

Oval Metallic Bangles

Original price was: $8.00.Current price is: $4.00.
  • Oval Metallic Bangles
  • Two Colours
  • Pair as a set, or alone
  • Price per bangle
  • Size 19.5cm circumference

Real Natural Stone Bracelet

  • Real Natural Stone Bracelet are cool to touch
  • Each stone has gorgeous textured detailing.
  • Each stone has been polished  and is multi faceted.
  • Such a chunky stretch bracelet
  • Each bead approx. 14mm diameter, silver bead 12mm diameter
  • Stretchy bracelet will fit most sizes 8-16

Real Stone Leaf Bracelet

  • Real stone leaf bracelet
  • Leaf 24 mm total drop
  • Stretchy bracelet

Rose Stone Bracelets with Teardrop

  • Rose stone bracelet with tear-drop.
  • Stretchy bracelet - Good for all sizes

Sparkling CZ Evening Bracelet

  • Sparkling CZ Evening Bracelet is so classy
  • Biggest CZ is 8 mm diameter
  • Smaller CZ jewels are 4.5mm and 7mm diameter
  • Costume jewellery-not real silver or gold
  • Has a strong, clip clasp.
  • 18 cm length so this will not fit a very large wrist-
  • please check and measure your wrist size

Square Copper Bangle Set

  • Square Copper Bangle Set
  • Set of three bangles in three different metal colours
  • Price is for all three bangles
  • one size fits most size 8-14

Stone Beaded Bracelets with Cross

  • Stone beaded bracelets with cross
  • Stretchy bracelet
  • Filigree ball 14mm diameter
Agate stone bracelet
Agate stone bracelet Green
Agate stone bracelets White

Stone stretch bracelet

  • Green agate stone or White agate stone
  • rectangle beaded stretchy bracelet
  • Rectangle Stones 18mm long x 13mm wide

Stretch Bracelet Oval Jewelled

  • Stretch elastic Bracelet
  • Has odd sized ovals with jewels in antique gold
  • Bracelet 2.8cm widest point
  • One size fits all as is adjustable at back

Stretch Bracelets Rhinestone

  • Stretch bracelet has sweet rhinestones
  • Brick chunky wide bracelet
  • 28mm at widest point
  • for average size -one size will fit most