Steampunk jewellery combines vintage, hardware, imagination, gadgetry and science fiction. It is a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view and science fiction literature. It contains elements of the European Industrial revolution of the early 1800’s, but with an post-apocalyptic twist.

Steampunk necklaces NZ are predominantly sourced from South Korea. Korea has kilometres of jewellery  markets. After a huge amount of walking and getting lost, I found some steampunk necklaces,  just for you. Within the steampunk necklaces range, there are antique hearts, bicycle wheels, antique clocks, and antique keys. The chain photographed is included in the price. This is costume fashion jewellery and not real silver or gold. This makes it more affordable. Steampunk jewellery is popular at the moment. Hence we have given you a section entirely of steampunk

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Adjustable Star Pentacle Necklace

  • Adjustable star pentacle necklace has tassels as well
  • Star pendant 44 mm widest point
  • Adjustable chain 94 cm long or shorter

Bicycle Wheel Necklace-Steampunk Jewellery

  • Bicycle Wheel Necklace
  • Wheel 33.5 mm diameter
  • Bead style chain 80 cm long

Black Jewelled Chandelier Earring

  • Black Jewelled chandelier earrings
  • Chandelier 5.4cm long x 2.1cm widest point

Black Jewelled Circle Earrings

  • Black Jewelled Circle Earrings are gorgeously black with sparkling black jewels.
  •  Look classy for evening wear, especially if you are wearing black.
  • Three circles 6 cm long x  2.3 cm widest point
  • Costume fashion jewellery

Circle Victorian Steampunk Necklace

  • Circle Victorian Steampunk Necklace
  • Antique Silver
  • Chain length 70 - 76 cm (adjustable)
  • Ornate leaves jewel pendant 41mcm diameter

Crown Key Necklace

  • Crown key necklace with star and crown in  antique bronze
  • Chain 80cm Long
  • Key pendant 4.3cm long x 1.1cm widest point

Cupid Angel Necklace

  • Cupid angel necklace
  • Angel 39 mm long x 26 mm wide
  • Chain 78 cm long
  • Antique silver or antique gold

Eiffel Tower Necklace

  • Antique Eiffel tower necklace with Crown and butterfly
  • Antique silver or antique bronze
  • Chain 8 0cm Long
  • Eiffel tower pendant 3.6 cm long x 1.9 cm widest point

Flower Cluster Necklace

  • Antique silver
  • Chain length 42-47cm
  • Flower cluster pendant 3.6cm diameter

Intricate Jewelled Heart Steampunk Necklace

  • Intricate jewelled heart steampunk necklace
  • with multi colour jewels
  • Chain length 56 cm
  • Heart pendant 4.7 cm long x 5.2 cm widest point

Large Antique Flower Steampunk Necklace

  • Large Antique Flower Steampunk Necklace
  • CZ Jewels set in antique silver
  • Chain length 66 - 72 cm (adjustable)
  • Flower pendant 7.2cm long x 5.1cm widest point

Lock And Keys Necklace

  • Lock and keys necklace
  • Curb style chain 90 cm long
  • All charms 11 cm long total drop including pendant mount

Love Mail Heart Steampunk Necklace

  • Love Mail Heart Steampunk Necklace depicts delivery of a sweet love letter
  • Heart pendant 33.5 widest point
  • Chain length 70 cm long
  • Length of all charms including pendant mount is 9.5 cm long

Mystical Star Circle Necklace

  • Mystical Star Circle Necklace is divine
  • Circle diameter 49 mm
  • Adjustable beaded chain 80 cm long

Oval Filigree Locket Necklace

  • Oval  filigree locket necklace
  • Filigree locket 27 mm diameter by 35 mm length
  • Beaded chain length 80 cm
  • Sorry silver has sold out

Rosary Bead Style Butterfly Necklace

  • Rosary bead style butterfly necklace
  • Butterfly necklace 31 mm widest point
  • Beaded chain 39 mm long
  • 8 mm extension to make chain adjustable

Star Moon Key Necklace

  • Star Moon Key Necklace features a crown like cut out key pendant, a star and a moon.
  • Perfect for someone you love to the stars and the moon and has the key to your heart.
  • Key necklace in antique silver or antique bronze
  • Chain 81 cm Long
  • Key pendant 4.2 cm long x 1.6 cm widest point