Clip on charms in sterling silver quality! Each charm fastens with a lobster claw catch also in sterling silver 92.5. Give your own charm bracelet or charm gift a personal touch.

All of our clip on charms are made from sterling silver and feature a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives Sterling Silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is the best.

If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. This will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Our sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through.

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Ajoure Circle charm clip

  • Silver bracelet charms are sterling silver 92.5
  • Ajoure off centre circle  with cutout leaves twirled on a convex doughnut.
  • Classy! Perfect to add to charm bracelet
  • Total drop 25mm x11mm width  x 7mm thickness

Ajoure Frog Charm Clip

  • Ajoure intricately cut out frog charm clips onto a charm bracelet
  • Made of  Sterling silver 92.5
  • Convex and antique detail on back and face of this sweet detailed life-like frog
  • Total drop 27mm x15mm width x4mm thickness

Ajoure Openwork Heart Charm Clip

  • Ajoure openwork heart charm is a delicately cut out charm which is ideal to clip onto a charm bracelet.
  • Polished sterling silver 92.5
  • Love heart for love-say no more!
  • Total drop 30mm x16mm width x1mm thickness

Anchor and Rope Charm Clip

  • Anchor and rope  clip on charm in sterling silver 92.5.
  • Ideal for clipping on to a charm bracelet.
  • The rope  entwines the anchor making some parts thicker
  • Total drop 33mm x 15 width x 4mm thickest parts.

Billy Goat Charm Clip

  • Billy goat clip on charm in sterling silver 92.5.
  • Ideal for clipping on to a charm bracelet.
  • Matching body shape of goat front and back
  • 9 mm height of goat x13 mm widest point x  4.5 mm thickness

Butterfly Charm Clip

Butterfly pendant clip on charm-ideal for charm bracelets butterfly widest point 14mmx12mm height bottom wings to feelers

Clam Shell and Pearl Charm Clip

  • Clam shell and pearl charm clip simply clips onto a bracelet
  • Made of sterling silver 92.5
  • Silver shell charm is very sweet
  • Shell  6.5mm widest point x 9.5mm long.
  • Pearl {real }4.5mm

Cockle Shell Charm Clip

  • Cockle Shell Charm Clip is sterling silver 92.5,
  • Ideal to clip on to a charm bracelet for your beach going friend.
  • Also  called a clam shell
  •  Shell is three dimensional with pattern on both sides
  • Total Drop 22m x 12mm widest point x7.5mm thick

Cut out Cross Charm Clip

  • Cut out cross pendant clip is sterling silver 92.5
  • Cross dimensions are 10 mm widest point x12 mm  height of cross
  • Slightly convex and highly polished

Dolphin Charm Clip

  • Dolphin clip on charm pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • Ideal for clipping on to a charm bracelet.
  • Dolphin is hollow, double sided  and  symmetrical
  • Total drop 25mm x9mm width x 3.5mm thickness

Filigree Ball Charm Clip

  • Filigree Ball Charm Clip is made of sterling silver 92.5
  • Clips onto a charm bracelet
  • Stunning intricate work on this hollow ball
  • Total Drop 23 mm
  • Ball is 10 mm around

Filigree Heart and Key Charm Clip

Filigree heart and key pendant clip on charm-ideal for charm bracelets Heart 11 widest point Heart key13mm height

Filigree Heart Charm Clip

  • Filigree heart pendant clip on
  • Ideal for a charm bracelet
  • Heart 11 mm widest point x 10 mm to top edge of heart

Filigree Vintage Heart Charm Clip

  • Filigree vintage  heart charm clip is sterling silver 92.5.
  • Ideal for a charm bracelet.
  • Intricately cut out ajoure style and hollow.
  • Reverse side matching front view.
  • Total drop 27mm x16 width x8mm thickness

Flower Jandal Charm Clip

  • Flower jandal charm with flowers stamped onto the sole of the jandal
  • Features a cute flower between the toes.
  • Ideal as clip on charm that can be attached to your charm bracelet.
  • Made from sterling silver 92.5
  • Total drop 35mm x 10mm  width  x 6mm thickness

Hairdresser Clip Charm – Scissors and Comb

  • Hairdresser Clip Charm - Scissors and Comb
  • Perfect for a charm bracelet
  • 33 mm total drop (including pendant clip)
  • Comb - 23 mm tall x 6 mm widest point x 1  mm thick
  • Scissors - 22 mm tall x 10 mm widest point x 1 mm thick

Hamsa Hand Charm Clip

  • Hasma  hand or the hand of Fatima is a clip on charm pendant
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • It is talismanic symbol that is believed would protect all from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health.
  • 13mm widest point x 29 mm total drop

Heart Charm Clip

  • Heart pendant clip on charm is sterling silver 92.5
  • Ideal for charm bracelets
  • Three dimensional plain heart that is hollow
  • heart 6 mm thick{hollow} x11 mm widest point x10mm height

Kitty Cat Charm Clip

  • Kitty cat pendant charm is sterling silver 92.5
  • ideal for charm bracelets
  • Kitty widest point 8 mm x 13 mm height
  • 2mm Thickest point

Moon Stars Charm Bracelet Clip

  • Moon and Stars Charm Bracelet Clip is sterling silver 92.5
  • 11 mm at widest point x 22.5 mm total drop
  • Ideal as a clip on charm
  • You will have sweet dreams with a loving heart holding your stars and moon

Music Note Charm Clip

  • Music note charm clip is sterling silver 92.5
  • Ideal for a charm bracelet
  • Very easy to clip on the a charm bracelet
  • Music note widest point 9 mm x 9 mm height

Om Charm Clip

  • Om clip on charm in sterling silver 92.5.
  •  Ideal for charm bracelets.
  • Om is the word used at the beginning and end of a  meditation or prayer. It is a bit like an amen except is is said as a long chant. It is believed to be a very unifying and peaceful spiritual word. Personally I love it!!
  • Total drop 21mmx9mm widest point x1.5mm thickness

Peace Charm Bracelet Clip

  • Peace charm bracelet clip is sterling silver 92.5
  • 10mm diameter widest point x 23mm total drop
  • Who does not want more peace in this world!
  • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  is what this symbol originally stands  for.
  •  Love not hate!! Wear this with pride!

Peace Engraved Charm Clip

  • Peace engraved charm clip in sterling silver 92.5.
  • Ideal for a charm bracelet.
  • The symbol original meaning was for nuclear disarmament.
  • CND means campaign for nuclear disarmament
  • Total drop 24 mm x11.5 mm diameter x1 mm thickness

Rooster Charm Clip

  • Rooster charm  clip is sterling silver 92.5
  • width 12mmx 10mm height of rooster