Our nose jewellery includes studs and rings. They are all made from 92.5 sterling silver. This will help to keep infections away. Our customers enjoy this range of nose jewellery, including rings and studs. So many styles, to suit your preference.

With studs, some people have a preference for the L-Shape stud. Other people like the nose pin that has a ball on the inside of the nose. Personally I like the L shape more. I find the ball style can be a wee bit painful when putting it in.

We send our studs as a straight nose bar but you may bend the nose pins to an L shape, if that is how you prefer to wear them. They can be also be used as earrings, so we generally send them with a pair of butterflies which you can keep as spares for other earrings. Please ensure you do not try to use a butterfly on your nose stud. This can be very dangerous if accidentally sniffed up the nostril.

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2mm Flat Jewelled Nose Stud

  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Jewel is 2mm in diameter
  • Jewel is glued
  • Sits flat
  • Can be used as a nose  in ears as well
  • Price as a pair

Ball Sleeper Earring

  • Ball sleeper earring opens and closes at the ball
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Sleeper earring or nose ring
  • Size ranges from 8 mm - 14 mm
  • Ball is  3 mm
  • Please note the 6 mm  size is quite small-some use it for a fingernail jewellery
  • most popular size is 8,10 and 12 mm
  • Price per pair

Ball Stud Loop

  • Priced per pair
  • Ball Stud Loop is perfect  as a nose stud or earring
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3.5 mm in diameter of wee hoop rings
  • ball of stud is 2 mm

Claw Gem Nose Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Claw Gem Nose Stud is sterling silver 92.5
  • Jewell 1.5 mm diameter or 2 mm diameter
  • Only black left
  • Has a tiny ball on the internal end to ensure it does not fall out easily
  • 1.5 mm almost sold out but we have this same item with a straight pin and no ball

Color Stud Earrings

  • Price per pair 
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Stud 2-2.5mm diameter
  • Comes in a range of different colors
  • May be used as an earring or a nose stud if you remove the butterfly
star stud earrings
star stud earrings Black
Star stud earrings Blue
Star stud earrings Green
Star stud earrings Orange
star stud earrings Pink
Star stud earrings Purple
star stud earrings Red
star stud earrings White
Star stud earrings Yellow

Colour Star Nose Stud

  • Price per pair
  • Star nose stud is Sterling silver 92.5
  • Coloured star section is made from epoxy resin
  • Star 3 mm diameter widest point.
  • Or 3.5mm for slightly bigger but only in blue and white
  • Remove the butterfly for use as a nose stud
  • great for school as they are sweet and tiny
  • includes butterfly backs

Engraved Star Stud Earrings

  • Priced per pair
  • Engraved Star Stud Earrings are Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3.5 mm in Diameter
  • perfect for ears or nose
  • please remove butterfly if worn in nose

Flat Jewelled Nose Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Jewel is 1.5 mm in Diameter
  • Jewel is glued in and sits very flat-our flatest
  • This stud is very popular as a nose stud and can be used in ears as well

Gold Ball Sleeper

  • Gold plate on sterling silver 92.5
  • Thickness 8mm
  • Ball 3mm
  • Sleeper earring, or nose ring
Tiny heart stud earrings
Tiny heart stud earrings Black
Tiny heart stud earrings Blue
Tiny heart stud earrings Green
Tiny heart stud earrings Orange
Tiny heart stud earrings Purple
Tiny heart stud earrings Red
Tiny heart stud earrings White

Heart Nose Studs

  • Price per pair 
  • Heart Nose Studs are Sterling silver 92.5
  • Heart 2.5 mm long x 3 mm widest point
  • Remove the butterfly back to use as a nose stud
  • Range of Colours
  • Sits flat
  • Can be used as earrings or nose stud
  • great for school earrings

Jewel Stud Earrings

  • Price per pair
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Smaller size 3 mm diameter- size 5 mm
  • small size suitable for nose and ears
  • Medium size 4mm and 5 mm diameter- mostly preferred for ears

Rasta Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Rasta Stud is Sterling silver 92.5
  • 3mm diameter can be used as an earring or nose stud.
  • Unisex earrings

Silver Ball Nose Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • If preferred, just bend it in half with your fingers
  • The 1mm size is great for school or work if you want your piercing to be discreet

Silver Cone Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Cone Stud in Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3mm in Diameter

Silver Star Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3mm in diameter

Small Flower Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Small Flower Stud has wire twists into the centre
  • 3mm in Diameter
  • Can be used as a nose stud, just remove the butterfly and bend if preferred.

Small Silver Sleeper Earring

  • International standard Sterling silver 92.5
  • Comes apart on one side by the bar
  • So easy to pop in
  • Thickness of bar 1.5mm
  • Just choose your size of ring 8mm-14mm
Price as a pair

Smiley Face Nose Stud

  • Smiley face nose stud
  • Can be used as a nose stud or tiny earrings
  • Post and butterfly is Sterling silver 92.5
  • 3 mm diameter
Priced per pair

Square Gem Nose Stud

  • Square Gem Nose Stud is Sterling silver 92.5
  • The gem is held in with tiny claws to ensure it does not fall out
  • Jewel is circular but the claw sides make it appear more square
  • Two sizes 1.5 mm tiny or 2 mm-both suitable for the nose
  • Small raised square sparkly cubic zirconia
  • Popular as a nose stud but also can be used in ears
  • Price as a pair

Square Jewel Nose Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Square Jewel Nose Stud
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • 2 mm x 2 mm height/width

Triangle Celtic Stud Earring

  • Priced per pair
  • Triangle Celtic Stud Earring is tiny
  • Suitable for nose or ears
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3 mm in Diameter

Yin Yang Nose Stud

  • Price per pair
  • Yin Yang Nose Stud or earrings are unisex
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • 2mm in diameter
  • Can be used as a nose stud or earrings