This section of Animal Pendants contains all of our sterling silver pendants resembling animals and creatures. We have mythical creatures, animals, bugs and insects, fish, and so on.

All of our animal pendants are made from sterling silver and feature a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives Sterling Silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is the best.

If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. This will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Our sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through; we sell nothing but the good stuff.

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Ball and Cat Pendant

  • Ball and cat pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Total Drop 27 mm x Widest Point 22 mm
  • Total Thickness 3 mm

Cat Face Necklace Pendant

  •  Cat Face Necklace Pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Total Drop 18 mm x Widest Point 14 mm
  • Total Thickness 3.5 mm because is curved in face
  • Silver thickness 1-1.5 mm
  • Eyes are cut out for dramatic effect

Crawling Ladybird Pendant

  • Crawling ladybird pendant is  sterling silver 92.5
  • Sweet ladybird with movable legs that move as you move
  • measures 18mm widest point x 28 total drop (including pendant mount)

Cut Out Silhouette Cat Pendant

  •  Cut Out Silhouette Cat Pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • 13 mm widest point x 29 mm total drop
  • Meow whats new pussy cat?

Dolphin Ball Pendant

  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Ball (made from dyed cat eye) rolls and spins
  • Ball 8mm diameter
  • Pendant 17mm total drop (including pendant mount)

Dolphin Pendant Necklace

  • Dolphin pendant necklace is sterling silver 92.5
  • Dolphins in 3D  kiss on an ocean sea -nice!
  • Diameter 17 mm,  Edge of circle is 2.5mm thick making it strong

Filigree Silver Cat Pendant

  • Filigree silver cat Pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • 18 mm widest point
  • 39 mm total drop
  • gorgeous filigree cut out detailing

Flying Pegasus Pendant

  • Flying Pegasus pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • 23mm widest point x 19mm total drop
  • asymmetrical design so appears the same on both sides

Giant Starfish Pendant

  • Giant starfish is sterling silver 92.5
  • Filigree detailing
  • 50mm at widest point x 50mm total drop

Intricate Cut Out Butterfly Pendant Necklace

  • Intricate cut out butterfly pendant necklace is sterling silver 92.5
  • Dimensions. Height 29 mm {inc mount} x 28 mm widest point x 2.5 mm thick
  • A good strong thick pendant
  • just add a chain from our chain selection  

Koru Butterfly Pendant NZ

  • Koru butterfly pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Dimensions height 20mm  {inc. pendant mount} x 17mm wide x2mm thick
  • Koru or spirals in wings inspired by New Zealand designs

Love Turtle Pendant

  • Love Turtle Pendant has moving legs just like he is swimming!
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Heart detailing on his shell shape
  • Total Drop 21 mm
  • Thickness 8 mm
  • Width 15 mm

Medieval Gothic Snake Necklace

  • Medieval Gothic Snake Necklace is real sterling silver 92.5
  • Long sword with single snake twisted around is the symbol for medicine
  • 48 mm total drop including mount
  • 14 mm widest point x 1.5 mm-7mm  thick
  • Chain has polished balls. Look lovely with this pendant
  • will take 4mm wide chain

Movable Sea Turtle Pendant

  • Movable sea turtle pendant has moving feet and arms
  • Heavy detailed turtle necklace makes features pop
  • Is sterling silver 92.5
  • 13 mm wide x 23 mm total drop

Seahorse pendant

  • Seahorse pendant in delicate open work
  • made from sterling silver 92.5
  • An amazing real sea creature that belongs with the magic of mermaids.
  • Total drop 48 mm x14 mm widest point x1.5 mm thickness
  • simply add a chain from our chains section
  • It has a generous pendant mount so it can fit thicker chains

Silver Cut Out Owl Pendant

  • Cut out Owl Pendant neckalce
  • is sterling silver 92.5
  • 14 mm widest point x 26 mm total drop

Silver Horse Pendant Necklace

  • Silver horse pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Sweet and perfect for horse lovers
  • Total drop 23 mm x 17 mm wide
  • 3 mm thickness as is raised and convex

Silver Owl Pendant

  • Silver Owl pendant is made from international standard sterling silver 92.5
  • Gorgeous detail of an owl with raised eyes and patterned feathers
  • Total Drop 22 mm x Widest Point 11 mm
  • Thickest Point 2 mm

Silver Starfish Pendant

  • Starfish pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Starfish is flat on the back and each star point is raised-exactly like a real star fish!
  • Total drop 23mm x15 widest point x 3mm thickest point

Skeleton Pendant

  • Jingle jangle skeleton pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • This jingle jangle skeleton is dead and gone!
  • So Gothic and so cool and scary
  • Skeleton has movable arms, legs and head
  • 12mm widest point 44mm total drop (including pendant mount)

Skinny Sly Cat Pendant

  • Skinny sly cat pendant for a cat lover
  •  sterling silver 92.5
  • 11.5mm widest point x 37mm total drop
  • 1mm thick

Slinky Cat Pendant

  • Slinky cat pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Total Drop 23 mm
  • Width of 20 mm
  • 0.5 mm Thick

Sterling Silver Cat’s Back Pendant

  • Cat's back pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • 10 mm widest point x 27 mm total drop x 2.5 thickness
  • Meow whats new pussy cat?

Stretching Spider Pendant

  • Stretching spider pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • I am not scared of spiders!
  • Great unisex pendant necklace
  • measures at 15mm widest point x 31mm total drop (including pendant mount)

Wee Crab Charm Pendant

  • Wee crab pendant is  sterling silver 92.5
  • 9 mm at widest point x 17 mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • sweet to add to charms or wear as a necklace