This section of Kiwiana Pendants are especially for those who want a Kiwiana New Zealand look in their pendant. The koru spirals or waves are popular with surfers and Maori. Kiwiana pendants in some way represent New Zealanders. For example in our native bush there are many fern plants.  The silver fern begins as a spiral before it unfolds. So it is a symbol of new life and new beginnings and also like the rolling waves of the sea. We have also included paua in this section as what could be more New Zealand than our beautiful paua abalone.

All of our Silver Items are made from sterling silver and feature a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives Sterling Silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is the best.

If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. This will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Our sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through.

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Black rainbow Shell Pendant

  • Black rainbow Shell Pendant with sterling silver 92.5
  • Cut out circle 11.5mm diameter
  • Outer shell circle 40mm diameter
  • 54mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • this pendant will take a chunky chain {up to 7mm thickness} or light to complete the necklace

Circle Koru Spiral Pendant

  • New life and new beginnings spiral koru pendant.
  • Intricately cut out and a great kiwiana New Zealand flavor gift
  • Slightly concave totaling a  2mm thickness
  • Diameter 15mm. Total drop 23mm

Circle Paua Shell Necklace

  • Circle Paua Shell Necklace is sterling silver 92.5
  • We love the simplicity of the circle shape and the wide raised sides.
  • Real paua shell from New Zealand
  • 16.5 mm widest point x 28mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • Circular pendant is a chunky thickness of 6mm.
  • Silver in pendant mount has thickness of 1mm and total thickness of 5mm
  • Fairly generous pendant mount, will fit a chunky chain as big a 3.5mm
  • It also looks good with a heavier chain than the one photographed

Curvy Onyx Pendant

  • Curvy pendant with synthetic onyx in sterling silver 92.5
  • Synthetic onyx circle 7mm diameter
  • Pendant 17mm widest point x 36mm long
  • Chain weaves in and out to hang pendant

Filigree 3D necklace silver

  • Large Sterling Silver necklace makes a statement
  • Intricately cut out oval 3-dimensional  pendant
  • Solid weight
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Total drop 33.5mm x widest point 25.5 mm
  • 8 mm thickest point-double layered
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Filigree Puff Bottle Pendant

  • Filigree Puff Bottle Pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • Also looks like a filigree purse silver necklace
  • 10mm at widest point x 20mm total drop
Just add a chain

Filigree Puff Heart Pendant

  • Filigree Puff Heart Pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • 17mm widest point
  • 23mm total drop (including pendant mount)
To complete this pendant take a look at our chain selection Click here

Filigree Spirals and Flower Silver Pendant

  • Filigree spirals feature an off centre flower  on this round  pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • Flower silver pendant is slightly raised on convex with spirals depicting delicate flowing stems and leaves.
  • Total drop 35mm x25mm diameter x4mm thickness including

Filigree Spirals Pendant

  • Spiral pendant is very feminine
  • Made of sterling silver 92.5
  • Total drop 33 mm
  • Circle Diameter 30 mm
  • Thickness 1 mm

Filigree Swirl Ball Pendant

  • Filigree spirals ball pendant in sterling silver 92.5
  • 14mm Ball diameter
  • Total drop 21mm

Fountain of Life Pendant Necklace Sterling silver

  • Fountain of life pendant has spirals or spirals bursting to life from the centre point.
  • Silver tree of  necklace
  • Cast sterling silver pendant 92.5. Edged lip on circle of 2 mm thickness
  • Total drop 39 mm x 29 mm diameter x 2 mm thickness on edge, 1 mm in centre
  • simply add a chain from our chain section

Geometric Shell Pendant Necklace NZ

  • Geometric Shell Pendant Necklace NZ features a gorgeous sterling silver pendant with paua shell inserted.
  • Real paua or abalone shell.
  • Large size and chunky statement piece
  • Real Sterling silver 92.5
  •  57mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • 20mm widest point x 3mm thickness

Koru Butterfly Pendant NZ

  • Koru butterfly pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Dimensions height 20mm  {inc. pendant mount} x 17mm wide x2mm thick
  • Koru or spirals in wings inspired by New Zealand designs

Multi Circle Wood Pendant

  • Wooden multi circles embellished with spiraled sterling silver 92.5.
  • Handcrafted
  • Largest circle 41mm diameter
  • Smallest circle 13mm diameter

Ornate Blue Shell Necklace

  • Ornate Blue Shell Necklace is sterling silver 92.5.
  • Features a real mother of pearl shell, that has been dyed light blue.
  • Vintage spiral pattern on side.
  • 17 mm widest point x 30mm total drop
  • Widest  thickness 7mm.
  • Silver in pendant mount has thickness of 1mm and total thickness of 8mm
  • Fairly generous pendant opening, will fit a chunky chain as big a 5mm
  • It also looks good with a heavier chain than the one photographed

Oval Shell Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Oval shell pendant is sterling silver 92.5
  • Real mother of pearl shell inset
  • 26mm widest point x 24.5mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • strongly set
  • Also a lucky last black onyx colour-synthetic -not shell

Oval Spiral Pendant Necklace

  • Oval Spiral Pendant Necklace is sterling silver
  • New life and new beginnings oval spiral  pendant.
  • Intricately cut out and a great kiwiana New Zealand flavor gift
  • Slightly convex totaling 1.5 mm thickness
  • Total Drop 24 mm x 1 mm Length
Take a look at our chains click here to complete the necklace.

Paua Shell Cross Necklace

  • Paua Shell Cross Necklace features a natural abalone,
  • Paua shell which changes colour with the light reflections.
  • Individual pieces of oval paua shell are set in sterling silver 92.5
  • This abalone shell necklace is a one of piece
  • 27 mm widest point x 51mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • Cross pendant thickness 2.5mm.
  • Silver in pendant mount has thickness of .5mm and total thickness of 6.5mm
  • Fairly generous pendant mount, will fit a chunky chain as wide as 5mm
  • It also looks good with a heavier chain than the one photographed

Paua Shell Square Cross Pendant

  • Sterling silver Cross
  • Real Paua Shell or abalone
  • 18 mm x 18 mm cross with 9 mm extra height pendant mount
  • thick and slightly concave

Pearl and Mother Pearl Shell Pendant

  • Real pearl set at top of pendant with a cut out mother of pearl swirl underneath.
  • Shell has sterling silver surrounding edge
  • Shell pendant 25 mm diameter
  • Small pearl 8 mm diameter
  • Very classy!
  • Photograph does not do justice to how lovely the mother of pearl cut out spiral actually is

Pointed Triangle Spiral Pendant

  • Pointed triangle spiral pendant
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • 18.5mm widest point x 24.5mm total drop (including pendant mount)

Rectangle Shiva Shell Pendant

  • Rectangle Shiva Shell Pendant is set in sterling silver 92.5
  • 12mm widest point x 33mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • Gorgeous and striking piece

Round Silver Spiral Shell Pendant NZ

  •  Round Silver Spiral Shell Pendant NZ is sterling silver 92.5
  • Choose from Mother of pearl, Pink mother of pearl, Paua and black
  • Size 12 mm diameter x 19 mm total drop
  • Size 15 mm diameter x 21 mm total drop
  • Size 18 mm diameter 26.5 mm total drop
  • Size 24 mm diameter x 34.5 mm total drop

Shiva Cowrie Shell Necklace

  • Shiva Cowrie Shell Necklace has a border of cowrie shell and a Shiva eye in centre
  • Real shells and real sterling silver 92.5
  • Generous pendant mount and 5mm gap for choker or thick chain.
  • Shiva eye 12.5mm width
  • Whole pendant 20mm widest point
  • 31mm total drop (including pendant mount)
  • there are two tiny pin hole size dots to the left of spiral-but this is because it is a natural shell

Shiva Shell Pendant

  • Shiva Shell Pendant necklace is set in real sterling silver 92.5.
  • Shell is a real Shiva shell ( aka cats eye)
  • Shiva eye including silver border  21 mm diameter
  • Total drop 35 mm (including pendant mount)
  • Pendant mount will fit a nice chunky chain-this one photographed is 5mm thick
  • Please note there are slight variations with each individual shell