We have such a big range of sterling silver studs. All studs come with a pair of butterflies to attach to the post. We have so many styles we have popped them into sections for guy, bling, novelty and nose.

All studs can be bent to an L shape and used as a nose stud although mostly people like a smaller size. Hope you can find what you are looking for.

All of our Silver Items are made from sterling silver and feature a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives Sterling Silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is the best.

If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. This will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Our sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through; we sell nothing but the good stuff.[/expander_maker]

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Animal Studs (17)

Basic Studs (36)

Bling Studs (17)

Guy Stud Earrings (56)

Nose Jewellery (26)

Spiritual Studs (28)

Studs For Girls (72)

2mm Flat Jewelled Nose Stud

  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Jewel is 2mm in diameter
  • Jewel is glued
  • Sits flat
  • Can be used as a nose  in ears as well
  • Price as a pair

69 Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • 69 Stud pairs have epoxy on the number 69
  • Set in sterling silver 92.5.
  • They are popular with guys and gals.
  • They sit flat on the ear so do not catch very easily.
  • 5 mm diameter

Baby Handprint Stud Earrings

  • Price per pair 
  • Baby Handprint Stud Earrings  are gorgeous
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Hand 6 mm long x 4 mm widest point, .5 mm thick

Ball Sleeper Earring

  • Ball sleeper earring opens and closes at the ball
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Sleeper earring or nose ring
  • Size ranges from 8 mm - 14 mm
  • Ball is  3 mm
  • Please note the 6 mm  size is quite small-most popular size is 8,10 and 12 mm
  • Price per pair

Ball Stud Earring

  • Priced per pair
  • Highly polished simple silver ball stud earring
  • Classic and stylish
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Just choose your size!
  • One of our most popular earrings and nose stud
  • 3mm size will be here beginning Sept

Ball Stud Loop

  • Priced per pair
  • Ball Stud Loop is perfect  as a nose stud or earring
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 3.5 mm in diameter of wee hoop rings
  • ball of stud is 2 mm

Ball Stud Loop Ring

  • Priced per pair
  • Movable ring on stud with wire twist detailing
  • Diameter of sweet ring 4.5 mm
  • Total top top of stud to bottom is 5mm
  • 92.5 sterling silver

Billiard Ball 8 Stud Earrings

  • Price per pair 
  • Billiard Ball 8 Stud Earrings is an epoxy number encased in sterling silver 92.5
  • 5mm diameter

Bunny rabbit stud earrings

  • Price per pair 
  •  Bunny rabbit stud earrings are international standard sterling silver 92.5
  • Rabbit 5.5 mm long x 6.5 mm widest point

Butterfly backs for earrings

  • Price for  pair
  • Butterfly backs for earrings that push onto the post of a stud or earring
  • Sterling silver 92.5 or surgical steel
  • Standard butterfly size

Butterfly Dangle Stud

  • Butterfly Dangle Stud
  • Priced Per Pair
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 12 mm total length
  • Butterfly 7 mm wide x 1 mm thick

CC Stud Earring

  • Priced per pair
  • CC Stud Earring in Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Replica Chanel earrings  are 'Chanel' inspired.
  • Not real Chanel earrings but look a little similar
  • 11.5 mm wide x 7.5 mm long

Celtic Cross Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Celtic cross stud earring pair are sterling silver 92.5
  • 9 mm long x 6 mm widest point
  • Great for those with Irish, Scottish or English roots

Celtic Knot Stud

  • Priced per pair
  • Celtic Knot Stud Earrings are sterling silver 92.5.
  • Feature an intricate woven Celtic weave within a triangle.
  • Width- 7 mm

Celtic Round Cut Out Stud

Priced per pair
  • Celtic round cut out stud is Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 5.5 mm in diameter

Celtic Stud Earrings

  • Priced per pair
  • Celtic Stud Earrings are Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Triple curves in stylized celtic pattern
  • Diameter is 8 mm

Celtic Triangle Studs

  • Celtic Triangle Studs are a sweet and simple
  • Great way to show your Celtic roots.
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • 4.5mm in Diameter x 1 mm thickness
Priced per pair

Circle Celtic Stud

Priced per pair Circle celtic Stud in Sterling Silver 92.5 6mm in Diameter

Circle CZ Bling Studs

  • Priced per pair
  • CZ Bling Studs are circular
  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • CZ Diameter Sizes- increments start  at 5 mm - 12 mm

Circle CZ Stud Earrings

  • Priced per pair
  • Circle cut CZ Stone set in Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Strong setting
  • Stone 10mm diameter

Claw Gem Nose Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Jewell 1.5 mm diameter or 2 mm diameter
  • Has a tiny ball on the internal end to ensure it does not fall out easily
  • 1.5 mm almost sold out but we have this same item with a straight pin and no ball

Color Stud Earrings

  • Price per pair 
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • Stud 2-2.5mm diameter
  • Comes in a range of different colors
  • May be used as an earring or a nose stud if you remove the butterfly

Colour Star Nose Stud

  • Price per pair
  • Star nose stud is Sterling silver 92.5
  • Coloured star section is made from epoxy resin
  • Star 3 mm diameter widest point
  • Remove the butterfly for use as a nose stud
  • great for school as they are sweet and tiny

Coloured OK Stud

Price per pair  OK coloured stud in sterling silver 92.5 5mm diameter

Crocodile Stud

  • Price per pair 
  • Sterling silver 92.5
  • 6mm across x 16mm height