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Wax Cord Bracelet

This product category is filled with wax cord bracelets.

What is waxed cord?

Waxed thread is a type of thread that is often used in a number of different crafts and sewing applications. This thread is basically made by lightly coating individual pieces of thread with wax, sometimes combining these together into larger spools of thread. It appears much like any other type of thread, except it has a somewhat glossy finish and can appear slightly darker than the thread really is.
Waxed thread can be used for a number of different applications, such as bead-work, hand sewing, leather work and jewellery making. Sometimes called waxed cord or waxed string, waxed thread is often found in craft stores or fabric stores.
It is typically made by coating individual strands of thread in wax, often bee’s wax. This final thread is often three or four ply for greater strength and durability. Though there are many different uses for waxed cord, it is often preferred for applications that may be exposed to the elements, since the wax makes it fairly waterproof and less likely to mildew. For all the surfers out there, this is the perfect jewellery for you. For people to don’t want the hassle of having to remove jewellery when swimming or showering this is a great option for you.
Our waxed cord products are vegetarian friendly.