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Curved Feather Earrings NZ


  • Curved Feather earrings  are sterling Silver 92.5
  • Feather 8 mm widest point x 29 mm long
  • 1.5 mm thick
  • Total drop with hook 42 mm


Curved feather earrings NZ are beautifully detailed with raised dots adding dimension and texture. The shape is graceful and gently curved. Stylish and easy to wear.  These sterling silver feather NZ earrings are very popular. Of Aztec origins these feather earrings will look great.

Sterling Silver meaning

Our curved feather earrings NZ are made from sterling silver. They features a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives sterling silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is just that!

Sterling Silver Care tips

To keep your sterling silver looking its best, use a silver polishing cloth or silvo on an old rag and give it a gentle rub. This will give your jewellery back its brilliant shine! Silver will tarnish from being exposed to air but will take a good six weeks to discolour. Items that are worn constantly will take a lot longer! To preserve the shine on your silver avoid contact with ammonia, alcohol, fingernail polish remover or turpentine. ALWAYS remove sterling silver jewellery while in natural hot pools because of the high sulphur content in the water. Do not use silver dip. Dip cleaners work for the first few times but it puts a layer on the silver and can discolour stones and shell. Toothpaste is also not a good idea as it is too abrasive.

If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. It will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through– nothing but the good stuff for you!!


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