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Printed Kimono

Printed Kimono


  • Printed Kimono
  • One size fits most
  • Open front style
  • Made of 100% rayon


The Printed Kimono is made from a light-weight, cool, and soft rayon. Lovely to throw over a dress, jeans, bathers, or keep sun off at a music festival. The perfect throw-over for in-between and hot summer weather. This lightweight kimono jackets are covered in a gorgeous print. One size fits most with the baggy open-front style. This kimono is a timeless addition to any wardrobe and is an item that you will wear again, and again. The Kimono comes in a range of different colour/styles, just pick your favourite! Made of 100% rayon.

Care Tips

If your garment needs washing, gently hand wash in cool water. It’s almost always better to hand-wash it than to machine wash it. Rayon clothing is extra-fragile when it’s wet and, thus, is less likely to be damaged by your own careful hands than by the agitation of a washing machine. Place your rayon clothing in cool or temperate water and add hand-washing detergent. Gently work and massage the soap suds into the clothing, taking care not to handle the clothing roughly. Never squeeze, bunch up, or wring out rayon clothing to remove water, as this can tear the delicate fibers. Instead, gently shake any excess moisture out, smooth out any creases or wrinkles with your hands and air dry flat, or on a washing line.

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