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Silver Surfers NZ Ring Size Chart

The most accurate way to know your ring size is to go to a jeweller and find out what size your finger is. They can measure an existing ring on a ring stick or you can try on their ring sizers.


You take an existing ring {be a sneak when they are not looking if its a surprise!} and measure its diameter {that’s the width across the ring if you lie it flat on a table} and simply use the diameter part of the chart to find your size

OR  measure your finger by taking a stripe of paper about 2cm wide and wrap it around the  finger you are purchasing for. Mark it with a pen, where the papers meet up.
Take the paper off your finger and measure the length you made with  a ruler. This will give you the circumference of your finger.
Work out what your size is from the circumference part of the chart provided.

Our Tips for this technique

Make  sure you do it as tight as possible-we experimented with this in store  and found this technique is not accurate if you don’t have the piece of paper as tight as possible. Perhaps because a ring is more solid and squashes the fleshy parts? You want to be able to wiggle and work it over the knuckle so don’t measure the knuckle.

Don’t measure if you are feeling too hot or too cold as your finger can change size

Keep in mind, especially guys that if you are buying a wide shank ring, go up by half of a size, so that it won’t be too tight




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