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Silver Surfers Wholesale Option

silver surfers wholesale option

Silver Surfers Wholesale Option is for buying from Silver Surfers at a wholesale price. We do have some criteria for this and minimum order quantities.  You must be a genuine store or be genuinely selling retail.   Obviously our wholesale price is less than our retail price, as we are selling in bulk and hope it will become ongoing. We have to make sure you are not near an existing customer, as we like to keep loyal to existing wholesale customers. Occasionally we may sell wool to one customer and sterling silver to another but we do not like to cross over by selling  the same product to two places near each other.

We have been wholesaling in New Zealand and Australia for 25 years, so we are quite established and well known.  We have presented at many gift fairs over the years.  We can make you a website login which has a different price structure and makes ordering very simple.

If you wish to enquire about this Silver Surfers Wholesale service please email me

kind regards Sandra

3 thoughts on “Silver Surfers Wholesale Option

  1. Vicki says:

    Hi I have a clothing shop in Gisborne ,can I wholesale please

    1. Silver Surfers says:

      Hi Vicki, Just making sure you got my email ok, Kind regards Sandra

  2. Ruth Ruddock says:

    Looking to sell your products in our gift shop in Foxton. Deconnflair .

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