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Sterling silver care tips

Sterling silver care tips

Your sterling silver care tips to to  keep your sterling silver looking its best,  use a silver polishing cloth. The cloth is treated with chemicals and all you have to do is rub the cloth on the jewellery to shine it up. Very easy

OR get some SILVO from the supermarket-it will last you forever. Use an old recycled cloth, tip a small amount on , rub it on the silver and use a clean piece of cloth to shine it up. Its a bit more messy, as a lot more oxidization comes off{black} but it is economic if you are doing lots of polishing. Sometimes silver has a black section within the piece of jewellery. This has been created deliberately to make the pattern stand out. The jewellery is actually left to oxidize by soaking in sulphur solution, then the silver is polished on the surface and the cloth does not get into the deep areas and leaves an awesome pattern. They make the wave rings like this!

Don’t use that silver dip stuff!! Dip cleaners work for the first few times but it puts a layer on the silver, can discolour it and can change the colour of the stones. Even though these products are recommended for silver, they are not a good idea. Toothpaste is not a good idea either. It is too abrasive.

Hagerty Silver clean is an excellent product for cleaning professionally as it keeps the oxide, but I am not sure how readily available it is. I often use this and jewellers use it too. Its awesome.

Things that make the silver tarnish quicker are pollution, very acid skin,  the sulfur in hot pools and your sweat.  Never expose silver to bleach, ammonia, alcohol, fingernail polish remover or turpentine and take your silver off when going into a hot pool. {it you do wear your rings in a hot pool and they go black, you can get it back to normal though by lots of polishing and silvo!}

Silver will tarnish just being exposed to air but it can take a good 6 weeks to slightly discolour. When you wear your jewellery it often does not tarnish very quickly because we are constantly brushing our rings, pendants.. against cloth and actually giving it a polish-without even trying! Cool a! For us in our store, its the pieces that get tried on and then left that need constantly re shining-but we would not want you to stop trying them on-so we just polish -a lot !

Glued in Jewels or shell,

Please take care with these products as they are not claw set, but glued in. If jewellery with glued stones or gems are exposed to high heat, saunas, hot water, detergent, {eg when doing the dishes,}, then these activities can weaken the glue. So it is best to remove jewellery and place it in a normal temperature.  It is easy to not think about the heat the jewellery may be exposed to. For example, placing your jewellery on the dash of your car on a hot summer’s day, can bring its temperature to extreme. I can reset the stones if returned to me, but the freight needs to be covered by the customer. Spotlight has an excellent glued called Gemstone glue which is clear and invisible and strong.

For Copper and our Bronze Copper Range

All of the above tips apply to copper too.  Silvo is great and Brasso is also even better-a bit more abrasive than silvo

Well I hope this helps