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Summer Fedora Hat

Summer hats

So many styles of summer hats to keep the sun off this summer. For guys and gals and even some kids designs. we have crochet hats, Fedora, Straw hats, hats with wide brims or small-check them out at Silver Surfers. Hats are from Indonesia and are so carefully made by hand. Our summer hats are great for summer! They are suitable for the younger generations and the older folks too. We have a range of different styles and brims, some have an average sized brim perfect for keeping the sun off your nose, and others will cover your whole face. Some are amazingly crocheted from cotton so it will breathe and won’t be hot in the sunshine. They are great to throw on your travel bag as it can handle getting squashed. Perfect for that overseas trip or taking on a camping holiday.

You cant rely solely on sunscreen to protect you from the suns harsh ultraviolet radiation rays! Wearing a sun protective hat is a great way  to get some extra protection on your face, head and neck as well as preventing heat stroke. YOU CAN count on us to give you just that, while keeping you looking as cool as a cucumber! This is vital.