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Dangle Earrings

Explore our collection of dangle earrings, featuring modern, classic, and novelty designs in a range of styles and affordable prices. This category contains our short and medium length dangle earrings. If you’re looking for something that hangs even lower, take a look at our “long dangle earrings” category.

All of our earrings are international standard Sterling Silver 92.5. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives sterling silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is just that!

To keep your sterling silver looking its best, use a silver polishing cloth or silvo on an old rag and give it a gentle rub. This will give your jewellery back its brilliant shine!