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sterling silver filigree band ring

Filigree Rings

This selection of rings are our Filigree Rings, they have filigree or Ajoure, cut out styles. Filigree is fine silver work that looks a bit like lace work. Ajoure work is more where the silver is cut out.

All of our Silver Rings are made from sterling silver and feature a 92.5 stamp. This means it is 92.5% fine silver with no more than 7.5% of copper or other metals. This formula is internationally accepted and it gives Sterling Silver the hardness and the tolerance to work with. Anything higher than 92.5 would be too soft and tarnish too quickly. When you buy sterling silver from us, we can guarantee it is the best.
If you see the words silver plated, that means it only has a coating of sterling silver over another alloy. This will fade over time and is not able to be polished. Our sterling silver products are not plated but sterling silver all the way through; we sell nothing but the good stuff.