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Surf Bracelets

Lots of cheap and easy surf bracelets for guys and girls here. We love this casual surf jewellery range.

All of these surf jewellery items are hand made from India, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea. These are our fastest selling products probably because they are oh so cheap and are so easy to wear and care for.

Our surf jewellery will last for years with the proper care. A new piece of surf jewellery may be stiff at first. But like a new pair of jeans, it will become softer & more comfortable with age. Surf jewellery is very sturdy and a new piece of surf jewellery loves to be worn and broken in. This bracelet is very easy to care for. We just recommend that you simply take this bracelet off when you shower or swim. Some people believe that you can shower, exercise & swim in surf jewellery. You may if you like, but I suggest that you don’t. It might cause your jewellery to discolour & cause damage (fuzzy) to the macrame knot pattern. If you want your jewellery to keep that “new” look, try to refrain from getting it wet.