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Pandora compatible beads

Pandora compatible beads made from sterling silver 92.5 are awesome with Silver Surfers. The beads are made to fit Pandora style bracelets and the sterling silver beads have internal threads. Silver Surfers also have a big range of murano glass pandora compatible beads so you can mix up your bracelet or have accents in your bracelet to match your outfit. Here’s what we mean-WE ARE GOING GREEN!! These are just an examples of the gorgeous colourways of green in murano glass

Green and orange spots murano glass beadBlack lined and metallic murano glass beadGreen spotted murano glass beadBlack white and green koru murano glass beadwbead56-2Ocean water ans seaweed swirls murano glass bead

The best thing about Silver Surfers pandora compatible beads are they are at a snip of the price! They start at $12 retail and yes that is sterling silver in the center. How do we do it  at such a fantastic price?  Without  the label branding you can save yourself as much as $50 per bead. The side of the bead is just plain silver without any Pandora labeling and as no one can see the inside when you are wearing it, no one will ever know-we won’t tell if you don’t

Here are some aqua torquoise colourways-yum yum-love the colours. Perfect to remind you of your holiday by the sea.

Marbled whit wash murano glass beadwbead63Metallic and Turquoise Murano Glass Beadsea blue white dots murano glass bead

We hope you like!!


Buy sterling silver online with Silver Surfers

When you buy sterling silver online you should be looking for the word sterling silver and the number 92.5. If  the item does not state sterling silver 92.5 it could just be silver plated. This means in time the silver plate will rub off and the item will not last for long.

Sterling silver is a precious metal and like gold, has a value, even without it being made into a piece of  jellewery.  When you buy any sterling silver item from Silver Surfers, its price is based on its weight. The heavier it is, the more expensive it will be.  If you were to buy a pair of peace studs from us, you will find they only cost $10 retail and this is because there is less than one gram of silver in them. So be careful with buying branded products that often have the same weight and even pattern for as much as $60 to $80!! Trust me, you are paying an over the top price.

Silver Surfers has been buying sterling silver for twenty years now and Sandra trusts her suppliers and has built great long term relationships with them. We can guarantee our sterling silver is just that and when you buy on line with us , you will be getting fair and true value for money. Sandra chooses ring designs that don’t catch. Every item is chosen for comfort and easy wear. You don’t want to be breaking your new ring because it catches on everything and you don’t want it to have sharp edges that can hurt your skin or someone else.

So that’s our tip for the week

Watch for the weight-if its really a tiny size and thin and less than a gram of silver, it should be well under $20!!

Happy shopping now that you are smarter!! Buy sterling silver online with Silver Surfers -very very smart lol !!




Sterling Silver Jewellery is best for your Valentine

Why Sterling Silver Jewellery is best for your Valentines sweetheart

Ok Valentines Day is on Friday and you don’t know what to get your sweetheart. And because Valentines day is becoming a bigger event, she may well be annoyed if you don’t get her a wee something. You know when she says”oh no don’t worry, I don’t need anything”-SHE DOES NOT MEAN IT!! LOL

Now she may be “the one. ” She may be your wife, your partner, your girlfriend, your secret crush and you want to impress her. So what do you give her? Flowers, a red rose? Yes she will love them of course, but I  hate to say, they are not going to last. In fact they are going to wilt and die. You could give her costume jewellery and again it is not going to last -it will lose its colour eventually and not last through the decades. Here is our Silver Surfers tip of the week

But if you give her sterling silver jewellery from Silver Surfers, it is so going to last. When you give your sweetheart something special, she will cherish it and remember that you were the one that gave it to her. And if ultimately you want her to maybe “be the one”, then choose something that will last. Sterling silver can be polished to look brand new with a polishing cloth even after twenty years of sitting in a drawer. It will always retain value because like gold, it is a precious metal. Sterling silver jewellery means it is 92.5 per cent silver which is the hall mark for “the good stuff” This grade of silver is what you should be looking for when you purchase silver. If it is only stated as silver , the silver content can be considerably less and can cause skin allergies and not keep its colour. Incidentally if it is pure silver, it can not be made into jewelry as it would be too soft. Sterling silver needs to have 6.5%of other metals to give it strength

And hey if you buy from Silver Surfers you don’t have to spend a fortune for something that lasts. A pair of sterling silver studs featured below are a snip at $15. The love key is only $38 and the intricate earring are only $16